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To ensure that 5000 MCMC iterations were enough to estimate the MSE, I also ran 125 simulations with Markov chains of 100 000 iterations for the uniRec method with N = 200 and a selected fraction of 0.5.
The selected fraction of 1 was not included in this ANOVA because maxRec and uniRec methods were identical for it.
Analyses were run with 200 phenotyped progeny under no progeny selection versus a selected fraction of 1/16 under the uniRec method.
Increase in the Number of Recombinations Using maxRec and uniRec
As might be expected, the sets of progeny selected by the uniRec method had fewer recombinations than those selected by the maxRec method, though the difference was not great (Fig.
Increase in the Accuracy of QTL Position Estimation Using maxRec and uniRec
Essentially no difference was observed between the maxRec and uniRec methods of selection in their effect on the MSE for QTL position.
Effect of maxRec and uniRec on Variance of QTL Position Accuracy