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UNISUniversidad del Istmo (Spanish: Central University; Guatemala)
UNISUniversity Centre in Svalbard (Norway)
UNISUnited Nations International School
UNISUniversity of Surrey (Guildford, England)
UNISUnited Nations Information Service
UNISUkrainian National Information Service (Ukranian Congress Committee of America; Washington, DC)
UNISUtah Notification and Information System
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As a result, Unis Union has informed Western Digital that it has decided to terminate the agreement under which Unis Union would have acquired a 15% equity stake in Western Digital for USD 3.
We continue to look forward to our transformational combination with SanDisk and capitalizing on the growth opportunities ahead of us as the demand for data storage continues to increase, despite the inability to carry out the equity investment by Unis," said Steve Milligan, chief executive officer of Western Digital.
Les Eemirats arabes unis reprochent aussi a Doha d'accueillir un trop grand nombre d'activistes membres de la confrerie et meme d'avoir soutenu en sous-main la creation d'une branche des Freres musulmans a Abou Dhabi et a Dubai.
Tony Shaw, head of Mary Hare School in Newbury, Berks, said the ban left Molly without Unis for less than two hours a week.
John Breakey, CEO, UNIS LUMIN states, "It is adoption of technology that generates the power of productivity, not the invention or implementation of technology.
UNIS intends to launch the MyMedicalRecords technology platform along with a Chinese Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system using MMR and UNIS technology in support of a UNIS medical records development project for China's 18,000 public hospital system, which will also be offered to as many as 10,000 private hospitals throughout the country.
Aberystwyth started sending students to Unis soon after it was established in 1993.
Shaheen Unis has been in Scotland since the late 1960s and is the MD of Edinburgh's only ethnic food manufacturer, a substantial food manufacturing business and a company that thrives on her enterprise, energy and creativity.
Even more surprising than Svalbard's tourist industry is the success of the UNIS research centre, or `University Courses on Svalbard', a private foundation established in 1993 and owned by Norway's four universities at Oslo, Trondheim, Tromso and Bergen.
Le vice-president du Conseil des ministres, ministre des Affaires presidentielles des Emirats arabes unis, Cheikh Mansour Ben Zayed Al Nahyan, a visite hier l'usine de construction automobile relevant de la Societe algerienne pour la fabrication de vehicules de marque Mercedes-Benz (Safav-MB) d'Ain Bouchekif, pres de Tiaret.
The subject of public procurement is to ensure the promotion and development of the hospital information system UNIS FNKV to 48 months.