UNISDRUnited Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
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UNISDR and ARISE, with support from the Federal Government of Germany's Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), partnered with Florida International University's Extreme Events Institute (FIU-EEI) and 12 leading business schools to introduce disaster risk management to curricula for business students.
Weather and climate are major drivers of disaster risk and this report demonstrates that the world is paying a high price in lives lost," Margareta Wahlstrom, head of UNISDR, said in a statement.
Especially since the adoption of the HFA in 2005, the ground has been laid to promote the participation of various actors through two platforms organized by the UNISDR as an important pillar of the mechanism: first, the Global Platform on disaster risk reduction, which is a biennial forum for information exchange, discussion of the latest developments and knowledge and partnership-building across sectors, with the goal of promoting the HFA implementation through better communication and coordination amongst stakeholders; and second, the Regional Platforms that are held every two years in various regions promote the HFA implementation in the regions.
The UNISDR said that the figure, which factored in national-level disasters that are not reported to the world body, was 50 percent higher than past estimates.
The UNISDR offers the Hyogo Framework for Action on its website.
The UNISDR calls for cities and governments at all levels to prepare for climate change and integrate disaster risk reduction in all urban planning.
The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, known as UNISDR, said in a statement: "The meeting is overshadowed by the world's failure to act on previous warnings of drought in the region which resulted in thousands of deaths from famine, particularly in Somalia.
Meanwhile, UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, UNISDR, warned that parts of Central and Eastern Europe, particularly Bulgaria and Serbia, are under the serious threat of destruction and casualties over forthcoming floods caused by mass snowmelt.
Javed Malik, secretary of Pakistan's Ministry of Disaster Management, said the government would continue to advance disaster authority initiatives to improve resilience, according to the guidelines of the UNISDR campaign.
The UNISDR said that children living in evacuation centres are most vulnerable, especially when separated from their parents.
The findings of the 2011 UNISDR report, which was launched in its Arabic version by ESCWA and the UNISDR, were presented at a two-day conference on the topic.
Both UNISDR and PAM sincerely believe that parliamentarians must continue to be the driving force behind their governments, as well as, through their contacts with their constituencies, build awareness and ensure immediate action by all actors of society.