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The UNSC reiterated its full support for UNISFA, calling on the governments of Sudan and South Sudan to provide full support to peacekeepers in the disputed region.
This remains the largest challenge to stability and we think that UNISFAs support for local mediation, for community protection and for judicial initiatives remain absolutely vital, as does full deployment of UNISFAs police assets.
The current mandate of the UNISFA will expire on Feb.
The Council expressed satisfaction that the field visit afforded it aACoethe opportunity to obtain first-hand information and understanding of the situation in Abyei.aACA[yen] Acknowledging aACoethe enormity of the humanitarian needs as well as the far-reaching challenges facing UNISFA and the Abyei communities,aACA[yen] the Council called for urgent development assistance, especially in the fields of health and education, and pledged to do its utmost in seeking aid for such development.
The dead man was among a group of Dinka youths who harassed leaders of the nomadic Arab Misseriya tribe who went to Abyei town to meet the UNISFA commander, the Abyei resident told AFP.
"The security of Sudanese within the territory is being adequately ensured by UNISFA forces," the AU said in a statement, urging Sudan to take reciprocal measures.
It also called on all member states, particularly the two parties to the Abyei dispute, to ensure free, unhindered and quick movement to and from Abyei and throughout the Safe Demilitarised Border Zone of all UNISFA personnel, equipment and other supplies, including vehicles, aircraft and spare parts, which are for the exclusive use of the peacekeepers.
The attack, UNISFA said in a statement, left an Ethiopian soldier dead and another critically wounded, while five other people who included two women and an eight months child reportedly died.
Ambassador Dahab has the head of UNISFA for assuming office and reiterated Sudan commitment to cooperate with UNISFA mission in carrying out its role.
First, I would like to talk about the progress thats been made by UNISFA, and particularly by the Joint Border Verification Monitoring Mechanism (JBVMM), against the benchmarks set out in Resolution 2412 (2018).
The base is used by a UN peacekeeping mission, UNISFA, which operates in the Abyei region contested by Sudan and South Sudan.
Extending the mandate of UNISFA to 15th Nov 2019 with reduced authorized troop ceiling to 3550 and increased authorized police ceiling to 640.