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On 27 June 2011, the Security Council, by its resolution 1990, responded to the urgent situation in Abyei by establishing the UNISFA.
In addition, Council expressed deep appreciation to the Government of The Sudan and the Government of South Sudan, as well as the UNISFA Force Commander for their tireless support in facilitating its field mission to Abyei.
He worked in administration for UNISFA, the source said, adding that a UNISFA labourer was shot and wounded.
It also called on all member states, particularly the two parties to the Abyei dispute, to ensure free, unhindered and quick movement to and from Abyei and throughout the Safe Demilitarised Border Zone of all UNISFA personnel, equipment and other supplies, including vehicles, aircraft and spare parts, which are for the exclusive use of the peacekeepers.
In its briefing to the meeting, the UNISFA said that redeployment had not taken place in eight locations within the SDBZ, while the Sudanese side reported the presence of unknown forces in nine locations north of the SDBZ and "relayed" the information to the South Sudanese minister.
Rance could not say how many UN personnel were involved, but the UN s World Food Programme said that 15 Sudanese staff from its office, eight of their family members, and one international employee were taken to the UNISFA base.
Haseeb Yonithan Hamad, noted in press statements that the meeting purpose was to discussed aspects of the partnership between the state government and the mission of the UNISFA , and how to coordinate joint efforts and to assess and evaluate the work to enhance it to wider horizons.
The Council took note of the recommendations of UN Secretary General's report, and welcomed the UNISFA initiatives to support resumption of community dialogue and administration by the communities under Abyei Joint Oversight Committee (AJOC) supervision.
The UN Mine Action Service support to the United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei (UNIFSA) objectives are guided by Security Council resolutions and agreements that have been adopted since the creation of UNISFA in June 2011.
Khartoum, Nov3 (Suna) - Following are main headlines of local newspapers on Nov 3 *Alwan: Sudan annually loses $ 4 billion of Sudanese expatriates remittances *Akhbar Alyoum: Sudanese UNISFA staff go on strike demanding to be paid in US dollars.
deployment of UNISFA was to be accompanied by the immediate withdrawal of all armed forces.
In a statement to the press, they also reiterated their full support for UNISFA and called on all parties to exercise maximum restraint and to cooperate fully with the Mission for the successful implementation of its mandate.