UNISISTUnited Nations International Scientific Information System
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It is interesting that the UNISIST model is built upon the research products themselves, not the research activities.
In contrast to UNISIST, Bjork used business process modeling in 2005 to analyze variables such as cycle time, quality, or cost.
Documents and the communication of scientific and scholarly information: revising and updating the UNISIST model.
La verificacion titulo a titulo se vio dificultada por pequenas inconsistencias en la recuperacion: no se recupera lo mismo si se pide Boletin del UNISIST (acentuado) o Boletin del UNISIST (sin acentuar), aunque para otras bases de datos estas diferencias son irrelevantes.
* UNISIST II working document defines Information Network as a set of inter-related information systems associated with communication facilities, which are cooperating through more or less formal agreements in order to implement information handling operations to offer better services to the users.