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UNISTARUnited Nations International Short Term Advisory Resources (UN Volunteers)
UNISTARUNIversal Single call Telecommunications Answering and Repair
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Unistar CEO S Nizar (centre) presents the Air Distributor Systems Manufacturer of the Year award to Safid Company CEO Jamal Jawhari (right).
In addition to sites for Calvert Cliffs 3 and a potential fourth reactor at Calvert Cliffs, which are both held by UniStar, Constellation will transfer to UniStar potential new nuclear sites at Nine Mile Point and R.
The companies have agreed that EDF is to pay USD250m in cash and stock to acquire Constellation's 50 percent holding in UniStar, leaving EDF as UniStar's sole owner.
The Unistar project is a learning partnership between trade unions - Unison, GMB and UCATT - and the employer which started three years ago.
In addition to its proposed flagship plant in the tiny Chesapeake Bay town of Lusby, Maryland, UniStar plans to build three more reactors in Missouri, New York, and Pennsylvania.
Duke Energy, AREVA, USEC and UniStar Nuclear Energy are leaders in the nuclear energy and federal services sectors, while SODI has a proven record of implementing economic development in southern Ohio.
for Unistar Radio (now part of Westwood One) found CNN to be the over-whelming choice of radio listeners for national and world news.
The UniStar P series single-phase online Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is now available in tower designs for industrial, commercial and office environments.
The company and its unions believe that its project entitled Unistar Learning is a model union-led work place learning project.
Jeffrey Nelson, president, CEO and chief financial officer, Unistar Financial Services Corp.
It would be developed by UniStar Nuclear Energy, a joint venture of Constellation Energy and French EDF Group.