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UNISYSUnited Information Systems (Sperry and Burroughs consolidation)
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Pardon me, my Lord, but is not your Lordship already in Space, your Lordship and his humble servant, even at this moment?
Would your Lordship indicate or explain to me in what direction is the Third Dimension, unknown to me?
Pardon me, my Lord, a moment's inspection will convince your Lordship that I have a perfect luminary at the juncture of two of my sides.
Your Lordship must be aware that such facts touching the belongings of his humble servant might be easily ascertained by any one in the neighbourhood possessing your Lordship's ample means of obtaining information.
Your Lordship would treat me as if I were one of the vulgar who, being ignorant of Mathematics, suppose that a Woman is really a Straight Line, and only of One Dimension.
But am I to suppose that your Lordship gives to brightness the title of a Dimension, and that what we call "bright" you call "high"?
Another week has passed--and not a word of answer has reached me from your Lordship.
Because, monsieur, your lordship will permit me to say, yesterday I did not think proper, when you chose your lodging, to fix any price that might have made your lordship believe that I prejudged your resources; whilst to-day "
It was brought by hand just after your lordship went to the club.
I beseech your lordships be merciful to a broken reed.
He is a clever boy," she continued with enthusiasm, "but he needs a man like your Lordship to draw him out
In the first-ever substantial availability study of non-specialized servers running Windows Server in real business environments, Unisys found that 78 percent of the systems delivered 100 percent non-stop availability.