UNITAFunified task force (US DoD)
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special operations and allied elements began moving into the countryside outside Mogadishu and the major cities to facilitate food deliveries and to garner intelligence for the UNITAF on potentially hostile clan militias.
UNOSOM II was far smaller than UNITAF, with a maximum of 12,000 troops.
Boutros Ghali queria al menos asegurarse de que a la salida de la UNITAF el ambiente estaria lo suficientemente consolidado como para que una nueva ONUSOM, ampliada y mas fuerte, ocupara su lugar.
Besides, the UN authorized UNITAF to use "all necessary measures" to secure the area (The United Nations.
Military officers were seconded to Oakley's staff, and UNITAF provided senior, experienced liaison officers to meet regularly with USLO, UN, and NGO agencies.
Lack of security had hampered UNOSOM I and led to the parallel introduction of the UNITAF (Unified Task Force in Somalia) as a UN-authorized and U.
The UN Commission established to investigate the attack concluded that once UNITAF began taking action against General Aideed, they, arguably, crossed the threshold and were no longer "persons taking no active part in the hostilities" and hence became "parties to the conflict.
The UN's involvement in the Somalia is long and complicated: it consisted of three operations (and phases) being UNOSOM I, UNITAF and UNOSOM II.
Without nonlethal force options, the danger of excessive use of force can be high when they are thrust into a situation where petty crime and gang activity are rampant (as befell the elite Canadian airborne brigade during UNITAF in Somalia).
This consisted of two phases: UNITAF, a US-led humanitarian intervention with limited enforcement duties; and UNOSOM II, a UN-led humanitarian operation with extensive enforcement functions.
The worsening famine conditions resulted in food delivery by UNITAF (Unified Task Force), but a dispute erupted between the United States government and the United Nations Secretary-General regarding the scope of the operation.