UNITENUniversity of Tenaga Nasional
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In August 2012, five sections of the 3rd year mechanical engineering students from Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) were invited to participate in this research study and a total of 122 samples were collected through online questionnaire.
“We are very excited to cooperate with Kalkitech on development of software and hardware for intelligent power delivery,” said Dr Hang See Ong, Associate Professor and Head of Electronics and Communication Engineering at UNITEN, “We are looking forward to long term collaboration with Kalkitech to produce solutions for integrating various smart components in the power delivery system and also to train next generation of ICT-aware power engineer.”
Jalan IKRAM- UNITEN, 43000 Kajang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
UNITEn Fir Park boss Stuart McCall and Steven Hammell start the Revolution
NSPM (National Symposium on Polymeric Materials) 2009, sponsored by the University Putra Malaysia and the Plastics and Rubber Institute of Malaysia (PRIM), will take place December 14-16 at the Residence Hotel, Uniten, Putrajaya.
'This section has enabled abuse of power by top university administrators since it was first introduced,' the Uniten student asserted.
Hashim F.H.; "Internet Addiction and dependency: A case study in UNITEN Malaysia" In proceedings of International Conference on Information Technology and Multimedia (ICIM) 2011 pp.
The [1.sup.st] ever grid connected system in Malaysia was installed in August 2008 on the rooftops of the College of Engineering, University Tenaga National (UNITEN).