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UNIVACUniversal Automatic Computer (first mainframe computer for general business use; designed by Mauchly and Eckert)
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UNIVAC, with its mercury-filled main memory tank (pictured at right) was the first to store programs and data on tapes instead of punch cards, inaugurating decades of fear that our computers would somehow lose our data-something that (irrationally) caused less anxiety when information was stored on perishable paper punch cards.
Mauchly and Eckert wrote the 12-page document to explain how the UNIVAC had evolved from the earlier ENIAC and EDVAC (illustrated above).
Prior to founding Computer Generation Incorporated, Ward held positions with UNIVAC (a division of Sperry Corporation), General Electric Company and with J.
What started in 1952, when a UNIVAC computer printout showed Dwight Eisenhower beating Adlai Stevenson at 8:30 p.
The case materials were computerized by Berven and Scofield (1980) by means of a BASIC program written for the UNIVAC 1110 mainframe computer (Berven & Scofield, 1980).
A division of the Sperry Rand Corporation equipped a trailer truck to haul a UNIVAC I computer from New York City down to North Carolina to process data for the Douglas Aircraft Corporation.
George resided in Stamford CT with his family during his tenure at UNIVAC.
And UNIVAC forced us to give them a false read backward, basically false We did it all in memory.
1951 The UNIVAC (Universal Automatic Computer) becomes the first commercially available computer.
Eckert and Mauchly went on to develop the first commercial computer - UNIVAC I - used to process the 1950 Census.