UNIZIKNnamdi Azikiwe University
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Similar to the case at UNN, UNIZIK women also identified the two major styles of leadership--the hard and soft approaches.
One UNIZIK female administrator in her fifties argues that projecting the spirit of team work from a maternal stance is a strategy that could work wonders for the working mother in academia:
The trend of women entering into what may be considered the potential "nonviable" administrative ranks is also gradually taking root at UNIZIK.
In this regard, MU may not be held to the same standards as UNN and UNIZIK because it does not directly answer to or provide a step-by-step justification of many of its decisions to tax payers.
MU female interviewees largely endorsed UNN and UNIZIK women's explanations of the roots of gender inequity in academia.
Similar to their colleagues at UN and UNIZIK, the female administrators at MU are generally applauded for their hard work and disciplined nature.
S/N Knowledge-Based Competencies UNN UNIZIK Cumulative Accepted % Average or Not Accepted 1 Theoretical themes 87.
S/N Knowledge-Based UNN UNIZIK Average Accepted Competencies Mean or not Accepted [bar.
Table 2 (c) Percentage of Library Educators Who Acquired skills'-Based Competencies for Educating Academic Librarians S/ Skills'-Based N Competencies UNN UNIZIK Cumulative % Accepted Average or not Accepted 1 Command of 87.
Table 2(d) Mean Scores of Extent of Application of Skills'-Based Competencies Library Educators S/N Core Skills UNN X- UNIZIK X- Accepted or not Accepted 1 Command of 3.
Table 2 (e) Mean Scores of Challenges Encountered by Library Educators in the Execution of Their Duties with Respect to Competencies S/N Challenges UNN X- UNIZIK Average Accepted X- X- or Not Accepted 1 There are challenges 3.
Mean Scores of Strategies to Enhance Competencies of Library Educators S/N Strategies UNN X- UNIZIK Accepted or Not X- Accepted 1 Required competencies 3.