UNJUniversitas Negeri Jakarta (Indoensian: State University of Jakarta; Jakarta, Indonesia)
UNJUniversity of New Jersey
UNJUnited New Jersey Railroad
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UNJ Millenium primarily marketed and sold its products to foreign tourists, in particular to Korean and Chinese tourists visiting the Gold Coast.
The Federal Court declared that UNJ Millenium had contravened the Australian Consumer Law (and the former Trade Practices Act 1974) for periods during 2010 and 2011 by claiming that:
Deadline for Submission: February 28, 2019 UNJ 1701
Jan has completed 15 years of continuous service and Chris has completed 10 years of continuous service as members of the UNJ Editorial Board.
She also served in several SUNA Board positions, including President, prior to joining the UNJ Editorial Board.