UNLAUniversidad Nacional de Lanús (Argentine University)
UNLAUganda National Liberation Army
UNLAUtah Nursery and Landscape Association (Salt Lake City, UT)
UNLAUnione Nazionale Lotta all'Analfabetismo (Italy)
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Scott said: "Apart from the way I was feeling in the States I wasn't happy with the set- up of the golf programme at UNLA.
It is particularly significant that, in spite of numerous acts of terrorism in and around Kampala and the often clumsy and heavy-handed response of the UNLA soldiery, there was never any full-scale rebellion in the rest of Buganda outside Luwero.
After Tanzanian and UNLA forces took Kampala, Idi Amin fled to Tripoli and shortly afterwards to the sanctuary given him by the Saudi royal family.