UNLAUniversidad Nacional de Lanús (Argentine University)
UNLAUganda National Liberation Army
UNLAUtah Nursery and Landscape Association (Salt Lake City, UT)
UNLAUnione Nazionale Lotta all'Analfabetismo (Italy)
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(2) Profesor de la Universidad del Salvador (USAL) y de la Universidad Nacional de Lanas (UNLa) marianobartolome@yahoo.com.ar
Aportes para la comprension de las estadisticas publicas y el desarrollo institucional, Buenos Aires: Ediciones Universidad Nacional de Lanus (UNLA)-INECIP-ILANUD.
A 1978 border incident with exiles of the Ugandan National Liberation Army (UNLA) in Tanzania led to Amin's troops invading Tanzania.
com "Th sen to tena neig we'l acti land unla " In 2011, Fortune was or unlic in mu fined PS1000 running an unlicensed house multiple occupation after being deemed unfit to hold the permit following allegations of verbal abuse and threats to council officials and tenants.
" (7) As a result, commanders and soldiers of Obote-led forces, known as the Ugandan National Liberation Army (UNLA), fled to northern Uganda where they renamed themselves the Ugandan People's Defence Army (UPDA).
There were also remnants of the UNLA, which the NRA deposed.