UNMEEUnited Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea
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This decision led Eritrea to demand the withdrawal of UNMEE peacekeepers from its territory, which began in March 2008.
Eritrea's restrictions on UNMEE have been nearly universally perceived as an assault on the integrity of the UN with dangerous consequences for other UN missions and activities.
The international community's overall approach has been weak, first failing to push Ethiopia to comply with the Boundary Commission's decision, which both had agreed would be final and binding, and then not reacting more strongly to Eritrea's de-facto termination of UNMEE. The official closing of the mission by the Security Council last Thursday was a reflection of this unassertiveness.
The Cabinet approved South Africa's participation in UNMEE and OLMEE on 24 November 2000.
UNMEE (UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea) 7 military observers
''As a result of the restrictions imposed on UNMEE, the present position of the Mission is becoming increasingly untenable,'' he said in the report.
15 Such as UNTAC in Cambodia, UNOSOM II in Somalia, UNPROFOR in Bosnia-Herzegovina, UNAMIR II in Rwanda, UNMIH in Haiti, UNMIK in Kosovo, UNTAET in Timor Leste, UNAMSIL in Sierra Leone, UNMEE in Ethiopia and Eritrea, MONUC in Democratic Republic of Congo, MINUCI in Ivory Coast and UNMIL in Liberia.
"This is alleged to have happened within a UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) camp area in the capital, Asmara.
The 43-year-old soldier, believed to be a low-ranking NCO, was sent home by the UN peacekeeping mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) after the discovery.
UNMEE peacekeepers are there to ensure the implementation of the peace agreement.
The largest contingent is 217 soldiers with UNMEE, the UN mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea.