UNMIKUnited Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo
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UNMIK will provide the rent-free premises, equipped with major appliances, tables and chairs.
These joint efforts of UNMIK and KFOR are seen as a good example and success in cases of international administration in maintaining peace, as well as in promotion and protection of human rights.
UNMIK Police recruited indigenous police officers through rigorous examinations in Kosovo.
In the present cases, the impugned acts and omissions of KFOR and UNMIK cannot be attributed to the respondent States and, moreover, did not take place on the territory of those States or by virtue of a decision of their authorities.
in March 2006 by UNMIK regulation 2006/10, (63) and again by the October
the right to ask UNMIK to intervene in a case and assign international
Chesterman states, "The largely Albanian judiciary that was put in place by UNMIK rejected [UNMIK's choice of applicable law] with some judges reportedly stating that they would not apply 'Serbian' law in Kosovo.
The already yellow pages of my Diary start with the date 5 September 2005 when with a feeling of pride as first Macedonian diplomat I handed the letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia to the Head of UNMIK S[empty set]ren Jessen-Petersen concerning the opening of the first diplomatic office of the Republic of Macedonia in Kosovo and my appointment as head of office.
Turning to the question whether the declaration of independence of February 17, 2008, has violated the Constitutional Framework established under the auspices of UNMIK, the Court notes that it has already held that the declaration of independence of February 17, 2008, was not issued by the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government, nor was it an act intended to take effect, or actually taking effect, within the legal order in which those Provisional Institutions operated.
Kosovo's Customs says that with the CEFTA Agreement, the customs code, as well as the excise, which were adopted in 2008 are in accordance with the European laws and they should replace the rulebook of UNMIK (United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo).
After it had become clear that Serbian President Boris Tadic would not come to the meeting because Kosovo was represented as an independent state and not as a protectorate of the UNMIK, the other leaders tried to give as much a constructive tone to the Summit as possible with the purpose of ending the pride, nationalism, and Balkan ambiguities.
EULEX, unlike UNMIK, has very limited executive authority, focusing on the roles of mentoring, monitoring, and advising.