UNMILUnited Nations Mission in Liberia
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The National Center for the Coordination of the Response Mechanism is located at the UNMIL Annex Building, Pan-African Plaza.
Excluding UNMIL, which had over 45 nations represented, there were a number of independent efforts from various countries.
In his remarks, the Special Representative of the Secretary General for UNMIL, Farid Zarif, praised the Indian FPU for their numerous contributions and service to the country, noting their seminal role in helping to rebuild the national police.
To illustrate, Lofa County, one of the largest regions in the country, had no lawyers at all to make the system work for the citizens; the only two persons with legal training were the circuit-court judge and the UNMIL legal officer posted there.
It has been relatively calm, and there haven't been any major incident reports," UNMIL spokeswoman Yasmina Bouziane told AFP.
AFTER November 2003 Irish troops were stationed in Liberia as part of UNMIL.
The peace in Liberia remains fragile, and its only guarantee is the robust and adaptable UNMIL [UN Mission in Liberia] presence.
The mandate of UNMIL was extended in September 2010 to September 2011, and its current troop strength remains above 8,200.
Rao, MD, DTM-RCSI, MB, Chief Medical Officer UNMIL, for his help in arranging PCR tests done from Department of Virology, Bernhard-Nocht-Institute for Tropical Medicine, Hamburg, Germany with collaboration of WHO.
For these achievements, UNMIL remains extremely popular with the democratically elected government and the local population.
The involvement of these groups in illegal economic activities and other criminal behavior is a particular concern, which UNMIL is addressing jointly with the government, UN agencies, and various international partners.
Un ambito de analisis que incluye tanto las que estan actualmente en vigor--como la MONUSCO, la MINURCAT, la UNAMID, la UNMIS, UNOCI, la UNMIL, la MINUSTAH, la UNMIT, la UNAMA y la UNMIK--, como aquellas otras que pese haber finalizado, han desplegado sus efectos en este periodo, como la MONUC, la UNAMSIL, la UNTAET, la UNMISET, la UNMEE, la ONUB y la UNMIBH.