UNMINUnited Nations Mission in Nepal
UNMINUnaccompanied Minor (aviation industry)
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Other members included two commanders at brigade level from UCPNM, and the representatives from UNDP, UNMIN, UNICEF and UNFPA.
According to sources, India was opposed to any extension for UNMIN as it felt that the mission has outlived its utility and has become a tool of dispute between the warring political parties.
NAB RAJ NATH Financial Analyst At a time when the UNMIN has left the country in a state of flux with no government in place and trust deficit growing among the leaders, the breakthrough has given some hope to the people of Nepal.
Some 120 UNMIN staffers have also been notified to initiate a checkout process.
On several occasions Nepali Congress expressed its displeasure at the perceived partiality of UNMIN towards the Maoists (Mahat 2009, Poudyal 2009).
As mandated by the Security Council (Resolution 1740/2007) with reference to the CPA, UNMIN had three main functions: (1) to monitor the cantonment of the Maoist People's Liberation Army (PLA) and the Nepal Army and their arms; (2) to monitor the cease-fire; and (3) to assist with the election to the Constituent Assembly.
Chhatraman Singh Gurung told Peace Minister Rakam Chemjong the UNMIN term should not be extended beyond Sept.
UNMIN is expected to issue a formal response later Tuesday.
Those decisions are made by the parties," said an UNMIN official.
The Nepalese government and the Maoist party, it said, should take full advantage of the expertise and readiness of UNMIN to make progress in the peace process before the mission's withdrawal.
With the latest extension, the UNMIN will remain in Nepal till September 15.
KATHMANDU, May 6 -- UNMIN chief Karin Landgren has urged political parties to pull out the peace process from its present disarray and resolve the current standoff between the government and the main opposition UCPN (Maoist).