UNMITUnited Nations Mission in Timor
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In reaction to the grave situation, the SG (S/2006/628) recommended the establishment of a multidimensional integrated mission--the United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT).
On 25 August 2006, the United Nations Security Council adopted resolution 1704, mandating UNMIT to provide interim law enforcement and public security until Timor-Leste's national police could be reconstituted and able to resume these roles.
(2007) Perceptions on Justice in Timor-Leste: A Report Prepared for UNMIT. (Unpublished report, copy on file with the author).
The 2,600-member mission in East Timor, called UNMIT, is engaged in work to support the country's nation-building efforts.
UNMIT Chief of Staff Wolfgang Weisbord-Weber said the Saturday polls were ''calm'' and ''peaceful'' with many people ''queuing up'' to cast their ballots.
UNMIT (UN Mission in Timer Leste [East Timor]) 2 military observers
The meeting was held between member of the Iranian parliament's Training and Research Commission Gholam Ali Haddad Adel and Turkish Ambassador to Tehran Unmit Yardim.
en Liberia (1993/97); UNMIBH en Bosnia-Herzegovina (1995/2002); MONUA en Angola (199711999); MINURCA en la Republica Centroafricana (199812000); UNMIK en Kosovo (desde 1999); UNTAET (199912002); UNMISET (200212005), UNMIT (2006) en Timor Oriental o Timor Leste; MONUC en la Republica Democratica del Congo (desde 1999); UNAMSIL en Sierra Leona (199912005); UNAMA en Afganistan (desde 2002); ONUB en Burundi (2004/2006); ONUCI en Cote d'Ivoire (desde 2004); UNMIS en Sudan (desde 2005).
On August 25, 2006 the UN Security Council passed Resolution 1704, creating the United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT).
It also says ''the political, security, social, and humanitarian situation in Timor-Leste (East Timor) remains fragile'' and said one of UNMIT's important tasks is to continue activities in the interest of promoting peace and stability in the Southeast Asian country.