UNMITUnited Nations Mission in Timor
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It was only after Xanana Gusmao was sworn in as Timor-Leste's President, that UNMIT, on 31st December 2012, ended its mandate.
In September 2011, the Government and UNMIT signed a Joint Transition Plan (JTP) to guide planning for UNMIT's expected withdrawal by the end of 2012.
Como la Dependencia de Asuntos de Genero de la UNMIT, la de Costa de Marfil o la de la MINURCAT.
UNMIT Human Rights and Transitional Justice Section, Report on human rights developments in Timor-Leste, August 2006-August 2007 (2007), available at <http://www2.
The GoTL held two rounds of presidential elections, the first since the country's independence, in April and May, with the support of UNMIT and international donors.
As of June 2009, The Gambia was contributing 279 peacekeepers to seven UN missions (UNAMID in Darfur, UNMIT in Timor-Leste, UNMIS in Sudan, UNMIL in Liberia, UNOCI in Cote d'Ivoire, and MINURCAT in Central African Republic).
With the support of UNMIT and international donors, the Government of Timor-Leste held parliamentary elections on June 30, 2007.
Following ISF and UNMIT withdrawal, Australia will continue to support Timor-Leste s police and defence institutions through the bilateral Defence Cooperation Program and Police Development Program.
UNMIT will end its operation in Timor-Leste at the end of the year.
included $184 million for UNIFIL, $16 million for UNMIT, and $88 million
The CIPA account included $184 million for UNIFIL, $16 million for UNMIT, and $88 million for a potential Chad mission.
22 decision to extend the mandate and temporarily reinforce UNMIT by another year until Feb.