UNMOUnited Nations Military Observer
UNMOUniversity of Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
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The scandal's unfurling shook investors' and public confidence in UNMO, also impacting the (http://www.ibtimes.com/malaysias-najib-razak-announces-46b-plan-boost-stock-market-slowing-economy-2094934) economy .
For instance, as the Smara team site commander in the North Sector from July 2000 to January 2001, I appointed a Chinese officer as my operations officer due to his UNMO skills.
When selected for MINUGUA, she made history--as Canada's first female UNMO, as the first female UNMO to serve in Latin America, and as the only female UNMO in MINUGUA.
The UNMO, representing Malays, is the most powerful party.
An UNMO patrol in Julud reported people in the town to have experienced skin aberrations and abnormal physical and psychological changes.
On the agenda of the three-day UMNO meeting beginning Friday is a special briefing on strategies to counter what UNMO calls "slanderous allegations" by opposition parties.
Since then, she's logged in 13 years in the Air Force travelling the world doing aircraft maintenance work, won a variety of awards and accolades, spoken on committees for the militaries of North, South and Central America and became Canada's first female United Nations Military Observer (UNMO).
He was dropped from the cabinet in 1987 after backing a faction opposing Mahathir in UNMO elections.
In the late 1980s, Canadian peacekeeping veteran Roy Thomas (pictured above, far left) served as a United Nations military observer (UNMO) in Afghanistan and Pakistan following the Soviet withdrawal.
A Canadian of Serb origin assisted in taking an unarmed Canadian military observer and his Czech UNMO partner hostage in Bosnia in 1995.
"To maintain the highest level of impartiality, we staffed our observation posts with two UNMO's from different nations.
In his statement, the head of the UN mission Maj Gen Per Gustaf Lodin thanked the South Koreans for their support to the UN in general, including its observer missions (UNMOs) worldwide and specifically to the UNIMOGIP.