UNMOVICUnited Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (created to disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction)
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These facts led some analysts to conclude that UNMOVIC and the IAEA were "bad agents," either because they were incompetent, biased against the United States, or corrupt.
Its letter said Iraq was obliged to declare twice a year, through the UNMOVIC, any actual or predicted changes at relevant sites.
To do so, UNMOVIC personnel should be working on the ground with the Iraq Survey Group.
Ante el fracaso de la CIA como guia para encontrar dichas armas, y ante la busqueda inutil basada en los propios metodos de la UNMOVIC, Blix se nego a declarar que el gobierno de Hussein estaba en "violacion flagrante" de la resolucion 1441.
Resolution 1441 also provided that Iraq would be committing a further material breach if (1) it did not provide UNMOVIC, IAEA and the Security Council, within 30 days from the date of adoption of Resolution 1441 with a currently accurate, full and complete declaration of all aspects of its programs to develop chemical, biological and nuclear weapons including any holding and precise locations of such weapons and (2) Iraq did not comply and fully cooperate in the implementation of Resolution 1441, including Iraq's immediate unconditional and active cooperation with UNMOVIC and IAEA.
Tomando nota ademas de la carta que, con fecha 8 de octubre de 2002, dirigio al Presidente Ejecutivo de la UNMOVIC y al Director General del OIEA el General Al-Saadi del Gobierno del Iraq, en que se enunciaban los arreglos practicos formulados a raiz de su reunion en Viena, que constituyen requisitos previos para que la UNMOVIC y el OIEA reanuden las inspecciones en el Iraq, y expresando su mas profunda preocupacion por el hecho de que el Gobierno del Iraq siga sin confirmar los arreglos indicados en esa carta,
UNMOVIC has the right, according to Security Council Resolution 1441, to conduct private interviews with Iraqi officials without hindrance or obstruction by the Iraqi government.
Four days earlier, UNMOVIC's commissioners met, and the US representative urged Blix to be more aggressive in searching Iraqi homes and criticized UNMOVIC for praising Baghdad's cooperation.
MEPs support the inspection regime as stipulated in United Nations Security Council Resolution 1441 and call on the Iraqi Government to comply with the Resolution and continue to co-operate fully with UNMOVIC inspections.
Monitoring, Observation, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC), said International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors carried out an inspection of Iraq's main nuclear site at Tuwaitha and two other nuclear sites while UNMOVIC inspectors searching for chemical and biological weapons checked the Falluja II site of Al-Tariq Co.
The UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission - UNMOVIC - are charged with assessing Iraq's chemical, biological or nuclear arms programmes.
The resolution says: "Iraq shall provide UNMOVIC and the IAEA immediate, unimpeded, unconditional, and unrestricted access to any and all, including underground, areas, facilities, buildings, equipment, records, and means of transport which they wish to inspect, as well as immediate, unimpeded, unrestricted, and private access to all officials and other persons whom UNMOVIC or the IAEA wish to interview in the mode or location of UNMOVIC's or the IAEA's choice pursuant to any aspect of their mandates".