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UNOBUnited Nations Office in Burundi
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The estimation of multilevel logit models was, however, necessitated by the need to control for such unob served characteristics.
Facing the church is a bank of attractive period properties including a black-and-white building that was once the post office and the Manor House that is the home of Pie in the Sky actor Richard Griffiths while nearby is a children's play area with unob trusive wooden features.
The United Nations Interim Administration in Kosovo (UNMIK) has a requirement to establish a Contract for supply of diesel and petrol fuel to the UN office, Belgrade (UNOB), Serbia: a) Key Locations.
errors 0.239 *** ([[rho]]) (0.053) Observations 2,481 Housing Insecurity Redefined as Literal Homelessness (c) Housing insecure, no violence t-1 1.613 *** 0.215 (0.268) (0.169) 0.200# 0.043# Housing secure, violence t-1 0.164 0.401 *** (0.203) (0.124) 0.011# 0.085# Housing insecure, violence t-1 1.442 *** 0.173 (0.309) (0.220) 0.168# 0.034# Serial correlation in unobs. components 0.089 0.221 *** (0.113) (0.060) Correlation between random effects 0.128 ([[rho].sub.[eta][mu]]) (0.198) Correlation between time-var.