UNOCIUnited Nations Operation in Cote d’Ivoire
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(108) The resolution also referenced the responsibility of the Ivorian leaders to ensure peace and protect civilians and extended the mandate of UNOCI, as well as bolstering the troop numbers and deploying additional helicopter support.
forces, which UNOCI later considered as a "possible crime against humanity." (162) A few days later, U.N.
"Cote d'Ivoire is now the second largest economy in West Africa, a remarkable recovery since the post-election crisis of 2010/2011," the head of UNOCI underlined.
Pakistani Contingent is deployed in Ivory Coast as part of UNOCI from 2004 till date.
mission in Cote d'Ivoire known as UNOCI until the end of June 2015, by which time it will have decreased its uniformed personnel from more than 7,000 to below 5,500 soldiers.
A medical team from the UN mission in Cote d'Ivoire (UNOCI) also arrived in Juba on Thursday to bolster support at the UN bases in the capital, while Logistical support for air operations is being provided by the UN mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).
created an international peacekeeping force ("UNOCI") to oversee an effort to end the armed conflict.
* UNOCI (Cote d'lvoire), which is expected to work closely
Comparando os dados disponibilizados pela ONU para os anos de 2009 e 2010, tem-se que as denuncias de casos de abuso e exploracao sexual se reduziram nas seguintes operacoes: Missao das Nacoes Unidas para a Estabilizacao do Congo (MONUSCO), Missao das Nacoes Unidas na Liberia (UNMIL) e Operacao das Nacoes Unidas na Costa do Marfim (UNOCI).
Cote d'Ivoire (UNOCI) under Chapter VII of the UN Charter to help
The UN denounces the "very serious violation of international law", a spokesman for the United Nations Operation in Ivory Coast (UNOCI) added.
It provided the troops and attack helicopters for the unoci operation to forcibly remove former Cote d'lvoire President Laurent Gbagbo from power and install democratically elected President Alassane Ouattara in his stead-- a successful regime-change mission.