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UNODIRUnless Otherwise Directed
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One Cheney tactic, also said to be much favored by General David Petraeus, is known in the military as UNODIR, short for "unless otherwise directed." The way this works is the official decides on his own on a course of action, initiates it, and then informs his superiors that he'll continue "unless otherwise directed."
This reference duo sheds light on the somewhat 'foreign' jargon of the seafarer, therefore, 'unodir', one who is involved with this language, or someone on 'seadu', should keep these two books close at hand.
Notes: CSWR = conversation specifications and work requirements, bean rag = pennant flag signifying crew is having a meal, splice the mainbrace means the officially-sanctioned serving of liquor onboard, unodir = unless otherwise directed, seadu = sea duty.