UNOGUnited Nations Office at Geneva
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There are more than 8,000 meetings held In the UNOG every year, making it one of the busiest conference centres in the world.
UNOG liaises between different organisations operating on the international arena and by providing key infrastructure and support, UNOG contributes significantly to United Nations efforts in maintaining international peace and security (currently seen in the conflict in southern Sudan), advancing disarmament (in the Ivory Coast), protecting and promoting human rights (in Kosovo), eradicating poverty (the Ethiopian famine), implementing sustainable development practices and providing fast, effective humanitarian relief in emergencies (Tsunami-affected countries).
If your company provides these types of materials and are able to arrange their delivery to UNOG offices in
The UNOG journalists are holding here an exhibition to shed lights on the most important press coverage in the past century.
UNOG soon issue a tender for the services to be provided for preventive and corrective maintenance of twenty four inverters (ASC Without Power
UNOG reserves the right to separately assign brand UPS maintenance
UNOG soon issue a tender for the services to be provided for control of electrical facilities according to the Ordinance for Electrical Installations
Low Voltage ITTO, in buildings of UNOG or the Palais des Nations and its