UNOGUnited Nations Office at Geneva
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During his historic visit to UNOG last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered the well-known speech Work Together to Build a Community of Shared Future for Mankind, elaborating on the great vision of building a community of shared future for mankind and sending a clear message to the world that China would fully support the United Nations and multilateralism.
President Xis vision expounded in his 2017 speech at UNOG continues to have a lasting impact on the United Nations and the multilateral work in Geneva.
There are more than 8,000 meetings held In the UNOG every year, making it one of the busiest conference centres in the world.
UNOG liaises between different organisations operating on the international arena and by providing key infrastructure and support, UNOG contributes significantly to United Nations efforts in maintaining international peace and security (currently seen in the conflict in southern Sudan), advancing disarmament (in the Ivory Coast), protecting and promoting human rights (in Kosovo), eradicating poverty (the Ethiopian famine), implementing sustainable development practices and providing fast, effective humanitarian relief in emergencies (Tsunami-affected countries).
The United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) seeks Expressions of Interest (EOI) from qualified suppliers for the Provision of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Data to UNOG on behalf of UNCTAD, in anticipation of a related tender to be issued.
which the UNOG and participating agencies will purchase and deploy subscription licenses as needed.
The UNOG journalists are holding here an exhibition to shed lights on the most important press coverage in the past century.
For correspondents registered with UNOG in Geneva: a press briefing, under embargo, will be held with ILO Director-General Guy Ryder in Press room 3 at the Palais des Nations on 29 November at 10:00 am.
UNOG intends to award a contract to the successful vendor for a period of one (1) year with possibility of
for the Provision of TV over IP Services to UNOG in anticipation of a related tender to be issued.
intends to launch for the supply of safety footwear for UNOG from 2018 to 2022 on the based on an annual renewal for