UNOMAUnited Nations Organization Mars Authority (fictional; from Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson)
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Zabus also commends the works of writers such as Unoma Azuah, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Lola Shoneyin and Temilola Abioye for their 'implicit "queer" gesturing' (p.
In Unoma Azuah's Sky-High Flames, she gives an account of the childhood of Ofunne, the main character of the novel.
Teresa Meniru in Unoma (1976) presents a heroic march of a heroine, Unoma who does not only bypass the culture of the Okehi clan by going to school, but equally edges in all spheres of life.
pleased with UNOMA's decision to support terraformation, it is the
Unoma Okorafor was asked about this addition to their products and said, “We are really excited about our Super Papaya Juice Wellness Drink and are happy with the consumer response.
Okparanta joins Unoma Azuah and Lola Shoneyin as another Nigerian novelist to feature women's same sex desire in a novel.
En concreto, La Jornada y Unomas Uno--periodicos de la izquierda--reproducen regularmente los articulos editoriales de The Guardian y The Independent y sus propios articulos de opinion refuerzan esta posicion.
Son muchos de los que he aprendido; Leon, Pinto, Elena, Ceci, Nicholls, Azeta, Naide, Grosso, Unomas ...