UNOMIGUnited Nations Observer Mission In Georgia
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In November 2006, weekly quadripartite meetings between Georgia, Abkhazia, UNOMIG and the CIS peacekeeping force to discuss issues in the conflict zone were suspended following the resignation of the Georgian Coordinator.
176) These same problems plague the joint peacekeeping initiative of the UNOMIG and CIS, where Russia's involvement in the Georgia/Abkhazia conflict is relatively unchecked by the United Nations and has resulted in numerous violations of international law.
Destaca la necesidad urgente de lograr progresos en la cuestion de los refugiados y los desplazados dentro del pais, exhorta a ambas partes a que demuestren verdadero empefio en prestar especial atencion a su regreso y emprendan esa labor en estrecha coordinacion con la UNOMIG y en consulta con el ACNUR y el Grupo de Amigos;
On March 11, 2007, UNOMIG received a number of reports about the bombardment of villages and the presence of helicopters in the upper Kodori Valley.
These documents requested deployment of a peacekeeping force (to include a Russian contingent) and an expanded mandate for UNOMIG.
UNOMIG and the Friends continue to encourage the adoption of confidence-building measures in the region.
At issue was a Russian demand that the acronym UNOMIG not appear in
observer mission to a Eurasian state, termed UNOMIG, to help the parties reach a settlement.
After an investigation, UNOMIG concluded in late May 2008 that at least one of the UAVs had been shot down by a fighter jet flying into Abkhazia from Russian airspace.
Fifteen UNOMIG observers were withdrawn from the Kodori Valley because the Abkhaz rebels announced that their safety could not be guaranteed, Mulet stated.
In October 2006, the UNSC approved a resolution extending the UNOMIG mandate for another six months, until the end of April 2007.
He stated in his July report that UNOMIG had seen what appeared to be a Georgian military truck in the upper Kodori Gorge.