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UNOSUnited Network for Organ Sharing
UNOSUndershoot North Overshoot South (air navigation)
UNOSUrban Natural Open Space (ecology)
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Y agrega: "De manera que decidi escribir sobre dos compositores de samba de principios del siglo XX, uno negro y otro blanco, qae colaboraron y aprendieron uno del otro".
THE hunt for a Fiat Uno possibly involved in Diana's fatal crash was one of the most intense investigations ever by French police.
At the request of Transplant News, UNOS public relations department and the HRSA/DoT Office of Communications provided the following statements on the decision of their director's to retire at this time.
Uno no puede nombrar presidente de su empresa a alguien porque sea tu amigo p tu hermano.
Here's how UNOS says the new system will work UNOS' Organ Center Staff and procurement coordinators at organ procurement organizations will use Send Word Now's delivery tool to distribute notifications about organ offers to transplant centers using phone- and text-based communications devices.
The most important reason for the increase, according to UNOS, was a policy change adopted in 1999 which mandated that livers be offered to any eligible Status 1 patient through the UNOS region where they are donated before they can be considered for any less urgent patients at a local level.
As you know, the final rule requires UNOS to submit a policy proposal by March 16, 2000 for a new liver allocation policy that would increase sharing of livers over a greater geographic area.
In the press release UNOS singled out several "key components" contained in the 31-page policy proposal developed by the committee that will be considered by the board.
UNOS emphasized it expects the states to resolve the situation using a "formal conflict resolution process," adding that any formal agreement reached by the states would replace the "interim actions" adopted by the Executive Committee.
We believe that any fair and impartial reading of the Inspector General report would conclude that UNOS has fully complied with Federal law and regulations, has incurred nearly $2 million in expenses that were not charged to the government, and that the matter in question revolves accounting techniques that relate to less than 5 percent of the Federal Funds received by UNOS in Fiscal Year 1996," Graham wrote.
Contact: Bob Spieldenner, UNOS - (804) 327-1432, e-mail: spieldra@unos.
Few people recognize the important role that Richmond - through UNOS - plays in saving lives across the country," said Robert Stolle, Executive Director of the Technology Council.