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UNPAUnited Nations Postal Administration
UNPAUnited National Progressive Alliance (Indian political group; now Third Front)
UNPAUnited Nations Protected Area
UNPAUtah Natural Products Alliance (now United Natural Products Alliance)
UNPAUnited Nations Participation Act of 1945
UNPAUnited Nations Population Agency
UNPAUnited Neurodiagnostic Professionals of America
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3 letter and the GNC settlement a month later, Israelsen says the UNPA has been in a "holding pattern," waiting to see how the situation shakes out.
Isolationist Senator Burton Wheeler (D-Montana) tried to pull some of the Security Council's teeth by an amendment to the UNPA requiring affirmative authorization by the Congress before U.
For practical reasons the representatives to UNPA should be elected by the national parliaments of different countries so that even non-democratic countries such as China could take part in it.
The plan further called for the withdrawal of the JNA from the territory of the Republic of Croatia, the demilitarization of the UNPAs, the voluntary return of refugees and displaced persons to the UNPAs, and the restoration of local administration and police forces on the basis of the ethnic balance that existed before the war and according to the 1991 census.
The UNPA also recommended the increase of public subsidies, which are currently set at only 4.
Even the Left Front, which was instrumental in getting Mayawati join the UNPA ahead of July 22 trust vote in Parliament, is having second thoughts about backing her for the country's top post.
UNPA and other groups have also supported a recent citizen's petition forwarded by the Organic and Natural Health Association requesting that FDA extend GMP compliance requirements to include raw materials suppliers.
Spokesman of the Good Offices Mission, Michel Bonnardeaux, told the Cyprus News Agency that Eide would attend a dinner with the two leaders on Tuesdayevening at the United Nations Special Representative's Residence at the UNPA in Nicosia, and the following day he would attend the leaders` meeting before departingon Thursdayevening.
Founded in Utah in 1991, UNPA was instrumental in the passage of the 1994 Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) and continues to take a leadership position in regulatory issues and industry best practices.
Cutting across party lines, 34 Indian parliamentarians have supported the UNPA campaign.
UNPA was virtually on the verge of disintegration when Samajwadi Party deserted it to save the government during trust vote when the Left pitched in by roping in the BSP, which rules Uttar Pradesh, as a replacement.
The UNPA "2005-2020 Arizona Natural Products Retail Economic Report" shows the important and growing economic impact of the natural health products industry in the state.