UNPDUnited Nations Population Division
UNPDUnited Nations Procurement Division
UNPDUnited Nations Program for Development
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As may be seen, according to UNPD estimates and projections, all 48 Muslim-majority countries and territories witnessed fertility decline over the three decades under consideration To be sure: For some high-fertility or extremely-high-fertility venues in sub-Saharan Africa, where TFRS (total fertility rates) in the six to eight range prevailed in the late 1970s, declines are believed to have been marginal (think of Sierra Leone, Mali, Somalia, and Niger).
When contraposing UNPD estimates or projections of fertility for diverse Muslim-majority countries and territories for the 2005 to 201O period against those of the U.
In fact, Mexico is one of the few developing countries facing negative rates of population growth under the UNPD forecasted period, a clear consequence of one of the world's most pronounced fertility declines.
7) The UNPD currently suggests that China's total fertility rate was about 1.
76) It is unclear, however, whether decisions in favour of LDCs will be applicable to all 50 LDCs as defined by the UNPD or only to the 32 LDC members of the WTO.
By 2025, in UNPD medium variant calculations, Japan will have a median age of just over 50.
An important highlight of the summit will be the presentations by the international funding and multi-lateral agencies such as the World Bank, ILO, UNIDO, UNPD and PUM , who will be contributing towards capacity building for inclusive growth of clusters.
UNPD country listing by level of development and geographical region can be found at: <http://esa.
1 percent levy, administered by UNPD, that could used to provide $150 billion in annual aid to the Third World.
UNPD is transitioning to a new Enterprise Resourcing Planning (ERP) system (UMOJA) and all companies interested in bidding on Air Cargo and/or Air Freight services MUST reply to this EOI.
The meeting, which took place March 21 in Port-au-Prince, comes within the framework of strengthening the existing, long-term partnership between the UNPD and the Government of Haiti.
Carmelo Angulo, Spanish Ambassador to Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico and former representative of the UNPD in Argentina; Mrs.