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Evidently, parliaments with extensive war powers can also constitute a veto point against contributions to a UNPO, and consequentially, prevent states from participating.
Prospective studies could specifically focus on states that have narrow interests at stake in the target conflict of a UNPO, in order to assess whether this affects the propensity of right-leaning leaders to support the operation.
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The UNPO representatives had heard testimony from members of Ka Lahui, Ka Pakaukau and other Native Hawaiian organizations, as well as trustees of OHA, state legislators and members of HSEC.
According to a UNPO report, soldiers killed more than 1,000 Ogonis over the next several days, wounding, raping, and displacing thousands more - all in the name of what the government called the "Restoration of Law and Order.
At least 20 of the 37 largest UNPO members are already at war against their nominal governments.
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The raison d'etre of UNPO is that since its members were not adequately represented at international forum like the United Nations (UN), therefore UNPO was created with a noble mission: to help minorities, marginalized communities and sub nationalities to find a platform from where they could raise their voice, maintain their identity and avoid getting sidelined or face total exclusion.
It has been observed that a few members of UNPO in EU and USA are involved in instigating Pakistani nationals to participate in anti state activities, support insurgency and promote dissent.