UNPREDEPUnited Nations Preventive Deployment Force
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Thus, three main pillars of UNPREDEP's mandate were the following: political action and good offices (political dimension), troop deployment (military dimension), and the human (socio-economic) dimension.
As said, UNPREDEP was supposed to assist the country's social and economic development along with other agencies and organizations of the UN system.
1995 UNPREDEP United Nations Preventive Deployment Force (deployed in the Former Mar.
(20) Includes UNPROFOR, UNCRO and one year of UNPREDEP
If one source of instability is the spillover of conflict from a neighboring state, then the international community might mount a preventive peace operation similar to UNPREDEP in Macedonia.
contribution to the Un Preventative Deployment (UNPREDEP) force in Macedonia that began 1993.
The breakout of figures under each section for the forces in Macedonia (UNPREDEP) and Haiti (UNMIH) are based on the percentage in strength (the figure in brackets) as of September 6, 1995.
military personnel participated, Haiti (UNMIH) and Macedonia (UNPREDEP), be funded from Defense Department appropriations.
soldiers) remains in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as part of the United Nations Preventive Deployment Force (UNPREDEP).
Preventive Deployment UNPREDEP March 1995- "Macedonia" Force Feb.