UNPRIUnited Nations' Principles for Responsible Investment (New York, NY)
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In Q4 2014, most notably, the Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative, a collaboration encompassing the UNPRI, the UNGC, the U.
An Investor Listing Standards Proposal with reporting requirements for stock exchanges, meanwhile, has already been submitted to the 60-member World Federation of Exchanges; developed by a multistakeholder partnering of stock exchanges and UNPRI signatories, it is paving the way for a framework including CSR reporting standards for stock exchanges.
While heavier on asset management than asset owner members, Gifford is hoping that momentum -- and friendly peer pressure, frankly -- makes the UNPRI a must-have for institutional capital going forward.
However, it is unhelpful to view the European market as monolithic: According to a recent report from Aberdeen Asset Management, Norway- and Denmark-based funds are the European leaders in both having ESG programs and signing the UNPRI, with Italy and Spain lagging far behind in both categories.
to Natalie Beinisch, Academic Network Manager of the UNPRI, for her
The UNPRI provides a framework for investors to integrate ESG issues into mainstream investment and ownership practices.
The UNPRI provides a framework for investors to integrate ESG issues into their mainstream investment and ownership practices.
We are proud to be the first private sector corporate in the MENA region to sign up to UNPRI, and we hope that many of our peers will adopt the principles for their own benefit and for the benefit of the industry as a whole," Sicre said.
According to IFC vice-president for business advisory services Rachel Kyte, the collaboration with UNPRI will enable IFC s approach to be shared by investors across a wider range of asset classes and have a larger impact promoting sustainable and responsible investments.
Part of Hawkamah's strategy is to create market incentives for companies to adopt better corporate governance practices and signing up to UNPRI is the latest step in the on-going commitment to improve ESG practices in the region," it said.
As a reflection of its own commitment to advocating sustainable investment practices, SAM is a signatory of the UNPRI and a member of Eurosif, Asria and Ceres.