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UNPROFORUnited Nations Protection Force
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However, the resolution made no arrangements for UNPROFOR protection of the safe area.
The Pakistani peacekeepers were also retained by the UN during the highly sensitive period of the change over from UNPROFOR to the NATO-led Implementation Force (IFOR).
In Bosnia, for example, the total cost of UNPROFOR (1992-1995) is estimated to have been $4.
El II de julio, tras la toma de Srebrenica por las fuerzas serbias, el testigo, bosnio musulman, junto con las mujeres y ninos de su familia, emprendio el camino a la base de la UNPROFOR en Potocari, como los demas refugiados.
Al dia siguiente, el Consejo de Seguridad anulo el mandato de UNPROFOR y creaba la fuerza de aplicacion IFOR (RCSNU 1031).
117) Moreover, it interposed UNPROFOR troops between conflicting parties, as well as between hostile forces and civilians, in situations where the consent of some or all parties had eroded or was nonexistent,lls In other words, UNPROFOR operations frequently exhibited characteristics of humanitarian intervention, and China's position on the expansion of UNPROFOR's mandate during this period therefore sheds light on the evolution of China's attitudes toward humanitarian intervention in the post-Cold War era.
UNPROFOR was the first UN peacekeeping force in Croatia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Yugoslav wars.
14) Restrictions were also imposed on the rotation of UNPROFOR personnel and their supplies of fuel, communications equipment, weapons, ammunition, food and water.
The use of force was explicitly linked to "acting in self-defence" (UN Security Council Resolution 824) if members of UNPROFOR were attacked.
Sir Mike Jackson commanded the 3rd Division at the time of the Bosnian and Yugoslavian operations, joining UNPROFOR and then took command of NATO's Allied Rapid Reaction Corps from 1995.
In contrast, examples of ineffective humanitarian intervention in Bosnia and Kosovo include the 1993-1995 limitation on NATO to strike only military assets that had fired on civilian targets, rather than any asset in the unit engaged in the attack, and United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR) commanders' failure to provide air support when it was requested by UNPROFOR forces defending the safe areas around Srebrenica and Zepa, resulting in a civilian massacre.