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UNRUniversity of Nevada, Reno
UNRUniversidad Nacional de Rosario
UNRUbuntu Netbook Remix (software)
UNRUnion pour La Nouvelle République (French: Union for the New Republic)
UNRUranium North Resources (Canada)
UNRUnreal Map (Unreal-engine games)
UNRUnion Nationale des Réseaux de Santé (French: National Union of Health Networks)
UNRUkrainian National Republic, 1918
UNRUniversités Numériques En Régions (French: Digital Universities in Regions)
UNRUrgent Needs Request (purchase requirements)
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On 9 February 1918, the UNR and the Central Powers of Germany, Austro-Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, which had a significant bearing on the events that followed.
Caption: Figure 1 - Estimated curve for the 6304, 6119, 6132 and 6353 animals of the Barred Plymouth Rock race (A) and the animals 6021, 6030, 6212 and 6218 of the race White Plymouth Rock (B) by means of the linear random regression model with intercept, using the (co)variance structures UN and UNR to estimate the matrix G and R, respectively.
Covariance structures investigated in this study were CS, UN, AR(1), TOEP, CSH, ARH(1), TOEPH, and UNR.
La UNR es miembro de la red de universidades que integran el Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales (CLACSO) y el RI de la UNR participa del repositorio digital tematico de CLACSO que aloja 30.
The proportion of UNR cases that are considered eligible is calculated using the "e" formula presented in Figure 1.
Strauss decided to modify the way she taught her classes at UNR because the Internet and social media have revolutionized the marketing industry.
As it turned out, the only studies of gambling one could find in the UNR library were either exposes of Nevada's casino industry, such as Green Felt Jungle and Gamblers' Money, or books on how to beat the system, such as John Scame's Complete Guide to Gambling.
ML and REML estimate values of covariance parameters regarding the random effects in the structure of RISM are given in Table 3 for UN, CSH, ARH(1), TOEPH, ANTE(1) and UNR.
The state of Nevada, UNR and TMCC have provided me with an excellent education, and so I desire to give back to them.
It was obvious early on that UNR was not alone in its struggle to manage and provide e-books for users.
Aaron Benedetti, a senior English and political science major who was inducted into the UNR chapter in April, said in anticipation of the initiation that "I wanted to join Phi Kappa Phi because of the professional opportunities it provides.
According to the school, metallurgical engineering studies were started early in the 20th century at UNR but evolved into materials science and engineering during the last decade, The mining industry recently requested that metallurgical engineering be reestablished at the university and has supplied financial support for this program.