UNRCUnited Nations Resident Coordinator
UNRCUltra-Narrow Row Cotton (agriculture)
UNRCUrology and Nephrology Research Center (Tehran, Iran)
UNRCUnified National Round Coarse
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and calden; 12 km NNE of Naico, Estancia Los Toros (Site 6): Eight males (TTU 64393, TTU 64395, TTU 64397, TTU 64399, TTU 64401, TTU 64402, TTU 64403, RVP247) and eight females (TTU 64394, TTU 64392, TTU 64396, TTU 64398, TTU 64400, TTU 66519, UNRC 163, UNRC 164), young ("renoval") calden forests and pastures; Parque Luro (Site 7): Four males (RVP 248, RVP 249, UNRC 165, UNRC 166) and two females (RVP 250, UNRC 167), open Espinal forests of calden.
Under the overall supervision of the UNRC and the direct supervision of the UNDMT Chair, the UNDMT Convenor convenes the UNDMT, and the Disaster Management Units of UN Agencies provide the necessary technical support.
The meeting was attended by representatives of UNRC, UNHCR, UNDP and Representatives of Provincial Relief Commissioner, NWFP and Provincial NWFP government.