UNREPUnderway Replenishment
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When we were not needed for UNREP we pulled back into formation with other support ships while the carriers did their job and the destroyers did theirs.
UNREP is one of the ship's primary methods of receiving mail, food and other critical items such as equipment and aircraft parts.
Like the Wave Knight class ships, these vessels can also perform unreps and are capable of refuelling abeam and abaft.
The unrep nearly was complete (we were at the 15-minute standby and had made up a remating line to the probe) when I looked on the horizon and saw what appeared to be a dhow in the path of our ships.
Once advised the FAN antenna was working, CPR-7 re-tasked the ships to maneuver to the original FAN test formation following the UNREP. We accomplished an additional two hours of FAN testing and completed that experiment thanks to OUTSTANDING support from CPR-7, BHR, MIL and COM.
We would get the remainder of our retro during our next unrep with the carrier, a few days into our deployment.
Unrep is often carried out under extreme conditions.
Edward Davey (LD) 29,542; Shaw (Con) 13,866; Woodford (Lab) 4,302; Spruce (Green) 572; Burns (UK Ind) 438; Hayball (Soc Lab) 319; Middleton (Unrep) 54.
Private label dollar growth in drug stores Unrep. meat/seafood (Frz.) 7,507% Dessert/fruit/top.
12 of 1982 (unrep.) (see Woodman and Obilade 1995, p.
These dedicated professionals load the ship, spearhead underway replenishments (UNREP) and issue parts to customers in the most expeditious manner possible.