UNRISDUnited Nations Research Institute for Social Development
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Context: Through its Geneva-based research, UNRISD aims to ensure that considerations of social equity, inclusion and justice are central to development thinking, policy and practice.
According to the UNRISD Report (2007), a universal approach to the provision of social services is essential to realizing their full potential as a component of rights-based social policy.
UNRISD, the United Nations Research Institute on Social Development has initiated a research project TUSSEE (Towards Universal Social Security in Emerging Economies) a study [9] about BRICS countries and a few others.
1 (Geneva: UNRISD, 2000); and David Lewis, The Management of Non-Governmental Development Organizations, 2nd ed.
It is published here with the kind permission of UNRISD, who retain the copyright, I would like to thank Shahra Razavi for commissioning that project, and Barbara Klugman for her on-going support, including in this re-publication.
Essential Matter: Globalization Excerpts from a Keynote Address at the UNRISD Conference on Globalization and Citizenship [interaktyvus], [ziureta 2009 m.
Ginebra: UNRISD (La primera version circulo como publicacion interna de UNRISD en 1978).
He also made an important contribution to the recent UNRISD flagship report, "Combating Poverty and Inequality" for the Malaysian case study with his penetrating chapter, "The Causes, Dimensions and Dynamics of Inequality and Poverty.
Policy Discourses on Women's Land Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa", Draft Paper Prepared for the UNRISD Project on "Agrarian Change, Gender and Land Rights", UNRISD (United Nations Research Institute for Social Development), Geneva, Switzerland.