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UNRRAUnited Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (1943-1946)
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get these materials from UNRRA and (the) Red Cross.
The aims of the IHD were entirely scientific, as was clearly explained in a letter from Strode to the UNRRA director in 1946: "The only reason that I was interested in the proposal was the fact that we were to attempt an eradication program among the indigenous species of anophelene" (9).
As soon as the war was over, the Inter-Governmental Committee on Refugees (founded 1938) and UNRRA endeavored to repatriate as many DPS as possible.
The contemporary international approach to refugee problems emerged fully only after UNRRA was abolished in 1945.
Chennault: This thing would be a great money-makerif we didn't carry a pound of UNRRA cargo.
Present at the creation" of the first UN organization, Acheson recounted in his autobiography of the same title the principle that guided UNRRA's operations: "The problems will be so great and the demands so many that UNRRA should adopt something in the nature of an international Jeffersonian principle of doing the least which is necessary to accomplish a result--which is another way of saying that it should center its attention upon the essential problems which cannot be solved without it.
Bentley quotes a frustrated UNRRA Director General Fiorello La Guardia as lamenting the American failure of political will as "bread diplomacy," in which only nations with politics acceptable to the US could receive food aid.
The United States ultimately killed UNRRA, and refugee policy became deeply embroiled in Cold War politics.