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UNRRAUnited Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (1943-1946)
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Even before the law was passed, UNRRA and IRO had begun grouping us by nationality and moving us from the drafty shacks to more solid quarters.
to carry on with the present military basis in the very small number of nonpaying non-enemy countries and persuade the USA to revise the terms of this to UNRRA proportions, which, if UNRRA appropriation was to be released would be very easy for them.
En Ministero per l'Assistenza post bellica e UNRRA, Atti Convegno di studi di Assistenza sociale (pp.
In occupied Germany it depended on the goodwill of the military; one of the reasons for recruiting high-ranking and highly competent military personnel such as Lt General Sir Frederick Morgan and Robert Jackson, a young naval officer who had successfully organised the wartime supply of Malta and later the whole economy of the eastern Mediterranean, was to try to ensure that the military would support UNRRA on the ground.
He alleged that the Marshall Plan, Point Four, and UNRRA had failed because they lacked the spiritual dynamic needed to foster acceptance and gratitude among the beneficiaries.
The Marshall Plan, UNRRA and ECA aids (but also groups of American Evangelists) assist in exploiting the land's resources, and rebuilding Cassino and Montecassino, destroyed by the Germans: "apartments with modern plumbing are being built to replace the picturesque but primitive stone houses" (May 1, 1950; emphasis mine).
The idea of large-scale eradication work in Sardinia took shape in a series of meetings involving Missiroli, the director of UNRRA for Italy, and Soper, who was a staunch advocate of the vector-eradication approach to malaria control.
I have also communicated with UNRRA [United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration--established by the Allies in 1943 to provide aid to liberated areas].
I was the young commander of "PAGI Post" in the north of the city across from the fortifications of the Police Academy and the obstacle heaps of the enormous sheds of UNRRA, the refugees' relief agency.
As Bremner notes, the UNRRA comprised fifty governments.