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UNRRAUnited Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (1943-1946)
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Parece existir una brecha entre el papel de UNRRA en un contexto de posguerra, complejo y dificil, de enormes carencias, desorden y politica intrainstitucional e internacional, por un lado, la literatura (sobre todo temprana) y las memorias de los sobrevivientes, por otro.
In 1947, UNRRA was replaced by the International Refugee Organization (IRO), of which the USSR was not a member.
"UNRRA," in Harrison's opinion, "being neither sufficiently organized or equipped ...
In 1943 the British government unilaterally withdrew recognition of the Polish government-in-exile in London, and the financial responsibility for the Valivade Camp was assumed by the United Nations Refugee Repatriation Agency (UNRRA).
Keynes's response to UNRRA changed over time, tracing a winding path.
The supplies they brought with them were of some help, but not enough; in one of the many vignettes which give this book its value, we learn that in September 1945 UNRRA provided 200 pairs of shoes to be distributed by the local authorities among 636 'needy' people including 96 orphans.
New Yorki ja selle lahiumbrusse oli tulnud mitmeid teatritookogemusega kutselisi naitlejaid ning muusikuid, osa neist ka UNRRA (24) toetusel toiminud pagulaslaagri teatrite staaziga.
The plot involves UNRRA soldiers encounter with a young survivor whom they help in his search for his mother.(7) Although there is no solid evidence as to the boys religion or national origin (he could be Czech), the impression is created that the boy is Jewish.
Ordinarily, UNRRA social workers preferred to return all refugee children to their parents, when possible.
Ministero per l'Assistenza post bellica e UNRRA (promotor) (1947).
With a sureness of touch he interweaves the personal stories of those who were involved in the Allied relief effort at all levels, from volunteers like Kay Hulme at the Wildflecken camp near Bad Neustadt, to the key players in UNRRA, the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.