UNSASUnited Nations Standby Arrangements System
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(b) The Secretary-General should be given the authority to formally canvass Member States participating in UNSAS regarding their willingness to contribute troops to a potential operation, once it appeared likely that a ceasefire accord or agreement envisaging an implementing role for the United Nations, might be reached;
(d) The Panel recommends that a revolving "on-call list" of about 100 military officers be created in UNSAS to be available on seven days' notice to augment nuclei of DPKO planners with teams trained to create a mission headquarters for a new peacekeeping operation.
(d) The Panel recommends that a revolving on-call list of about 100 police officers and related experts be created in UNSAS to be available on seven days' notice with teams trained to create the civilian police component of a new peacekeeping operation, train incoming personnel and give the component greater coherence at an early date;
As mentioned in the section on recruitment, above, some reform is underway regarding the United Nations System for Standby Arrangements (UNSAS) for personnel and equipment.
Protection Force in the former Yugoslavia UNSAS U.N.
* All Member States need to be encouraged to participate in the UNSAS. Participants should strive to provide a commitment to the higher levels of the UNSAS, with special recognition accorded to those that finalize the commitment by signing the appropriate Memorandum of Understanding.
* It is imperative that Member States earmark well-trained forces, personnel, and appropriate resources for the UNSAS. Pre-identified military, police, and civilian elements, as well as equipment, must be prepared and retained on short-notice specifically for rapid deployment to UN Operations.
* Given the unprecedented demand for civilian police, consideration and personnel should be accorded to the development of national civilian police (CIVPOL) companies and partnership agreements among supportive members to form multinational standby high-readiness CIVPOL battalions for UN operations (SHIRPOL) within the framework provided by the UNSAS.
* The UNSAS needs to be promptly re-negotiated to facilitate rapid deployment to UN operations that include a Chapter VIII mandate.
* The UNSAS must be addressed both as an urgent requirement for generating prompt responses to contemporary armed conflict and as an important transitional measure facilitating a renewed commitment to Article 43.