UNSCUnited Nations Security Council
UNSCUnited Nations Space Command (gaming)
UNSCUnited Nations Statistical Commission
UNSCUnited Nations Staff College
UNSCUnited Nation Space Corp (Halo game)
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Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoy-lu, in New York on Wednesday for a meeting of Uniting for Consensus (UfC), an international group that aims to create a more diverse and representative UNSC, offered to hold the next ministerial meeting of the UfC in ystanbul in upcoming months to comprehensively discuss the organization's structure.
He was not ashamed to consider in a statement to Ha'aretz newspaper the result of the UNSC voting on an EU draft resolution against Syria as "a testimony of an impoverished UNSC in general and Russia and China in particular".
PM Saniora and the majority MPs have sent separate letters to the UNSC in recent weeks asking for its intervention to end the ongoing political crisis which has crippled Lebanon.
The government has started negotiations with the countries concerned on the framework for such consultations at the UNSC, the sources said.
The UNSC comprises fifteen member countries, including the five permanent members: Britain, China, France, Russia, USA and ten non-permanent members.
The OIC Secretary General noted that the OIC Member States have a direct and vital interest in the UNSC reform recalling their demand for an appropriate representation on the UNSC, in line with their demographic and political weight, and in accordance with the proportion of their membership in the United Nations and to ensure the representation of the main forms of civilization in the Council.
The statement made by the UNSC doesn't match Turkey's expectations.
In a speech during the UNSC meeting on Wednesday, Nebenzya said that some parties try to interpret the UNSC Resolution No.
It means that the resolution was adopted by the UNSC in haste succumbing to the Russian reluctance and in an attempt of face-saving.
The aim of the UNSC resolution is to secure a 30-day moratorium on military action on the enclave and to establish a humanitarian corridor that will allow for the evacuation of those who wish to leave and for those injured who need urgent and essential medical attention.
Before taking up its non-permanent seat at UN Security Council earlier this year, the State of Kuwait considered support to Palestine question a main pillar in its foreign policy, Al-Otaibi, the UNSC Chair for February, noted at a UNSC meeting on the situation in the Middle East, Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) reported.
Last month, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan issued a notification to all companies, prohibiting them from donating money to the entities and individuals listed under the UNSC sanctions committee's consolidated list.