UNSCEARUnited Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation
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Using the UNSCEAR 2006 radiation risk models (UNSCEAR 2006), the attributable fraction of AL risk related to NBR was estimated to be 15-20% in the United Kingdom (Little et al.
Table-6: Comparison of present results with the corresponding world average values as given in UNSCEAR 1988 and UNSCEAR 2000 [21 3].
UNSCEAR attributes the immediate rise in Japanese thyroid cancers to a classical screening effect; more cancers are found because more people are tested.
Sources and Effects of Ionizing Radiation; UNSCEAR 2008 Report Vol.
The material prepared by the scientists was scrutinized by the 27 countries on the committee, UNSCEAR reported.
Weiss said further investigations would be necessary, with a final UNSCEAR report to be completed by summer.
Thyroid cancer has been the single largest health impact of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, with 6,000 cases identified by 2005, according to an UNSCEAR report.
UNSCEAR is known for its independent, unbiased reports -- it does not owe allegiance to any organization, Government or private business.
The participants of the meeting, chaired by UNSCEAR Chairman Wolfgang Weiss, will examine measurement data on radiation levels in areas around the Fukushima plant, provided by the Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan in response to a request from the U.
For annual effective dose the limited amount considering UNSCEAR is 70 [micro]Sv/y.
UNSCEAR, 1993 gave a commonly conversion factor for outdoor exposures due to natural radionuclides in the ground.
Tambien en la penultima fila de la tabla se indican los valores encontrados en este trabajo y en la ultima fila, los valores medios juntos con los rangos de variacion promedios que estima la UNSCEAR (2000) a nivel mundial.