UNSCOUnited Nations Special Coordinator Office for the Middle East Peace Process
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50) Recent data released by UNSCO reveal the overall adjusted unemployment rate for the WB/G through June 2002 increased from 35-36 percent to 50 percent (including discouraged workers).
55) UNSCO similarly found that between the third quarter of 2000 and the third quarter of 2001, Palestinian employment in Israel fell by over 50 percent.
64) Nonetheless, UNSCO reports that 72,000 domestic private-sector jobs were destroyed over the first year of the uprising, which is particularly alarming given the sector's increasing role in labor absorption prior to the uprising.
Based on the number of truckloads entering Gaza and the West Bank, UNSCO argues that imports dropped 75 percent between the second and fourth quarters of 2000.
Today's developments only underscore the importance of ongoing Egyptian efforts to solidify the truce brokered last November, which UNSCO will continue to support," said Serry.
Because I have no knowledge of this having happened, despite sending enquiring emails to UNSCO, the UN agency entrusted with overseeing their arrival in Gaza.
The UN official also said UNSCO is seeking to help prove the democratic
UNSCO compound in Gaza was hit earlyTuesdayby a number of
UNSCO security personnel working from a safe room in the
compound were fortunately unharmed, said an UNSCO press statement.
the UNSCO compound, we have reminded relevant parties to the conflict of their
Other strikes damaged 13 UNRWA schools and UNSCO, OCHA and FAO offices plus a WFP flour storage warehouse.