UNSCOPUnited Nations Special Committee On Palestine
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Legalists will remind us that UN General Assembly resolutions are only recommendations, but given the historical role of UNSCOP in the creation of Israel, this legal point will be swept aside.
Rather than flat opposition to UNSCOP-2, Israel should enlist the United States in an effort to alter the UNSCOP trajectory.
Most importantly, UNSCOP-2 should differ from the original UNSCOP once the peace plan is developed.
UNSCOP recommended partition to an Ad Hoc Committee (made up of 55 countries) and the latter voted (25 in favour, 13 against with 17 abstaining) to present the partition resolution to the General Assembly (GA) for debate and approval.
This was one of the most inconsistent assumptions and weaknesses in the Majority Report because it entailed a great deal of cooperation between Arabs and Jews that UNSCOP and the promoters of partition found to be gravely lacking.
Another form of Zionist lobbying was directed at the members of UNSCOP and this was all the more important as there were not any similar exposure to the Arab view since the Arab Higher Committee imposed a boycott on dealings or cooperating with the UN committee.
Rand's speeches upon returning home from his duties as a member of UNSCOP were short on legal justifications of partition and the establishment of the state of Israel and long on the superiority and the benevolence of the Jewish immigrants in comparison to the indigenous Palestinians.
Great Britain, Foreign Office, The Political History of Palestine under British Administration: Memorandum to UNSCOP.
On September 3, UNSCOP submitted its report to the U.
Complicating any notion of partition, UNSCOP observed that there was "no clear territorial separation of Jews and Arabs by large contiguous areas.
UNSCOP mentioned in its report that Jewish groups such as the Irgun and the Stern Gang had engaged in terrorism, including the bombing of the King David Hotel.
UNSCOP also related the characterization from the British Administration in Palestine that "Since the beginning of 1945 the Jews have .