UNSDUnited Nations Statistics Division
UNSDUnion for National Self Determination (est. 1987)
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These can be attributed to the use of different systems of recording trade, to the way in which for example IMF and UNSD have converted data expressed in national currencies into dollars, and revisions which can be more readily incorporated in the IMF data.
Moreover, Al-Khamis said that the delegation met with UNSD members from the
To calculate age-specific abortion rates for each country on the basis of reported numbers of abortions, we obtained estimates of the population of women aged 15-44 by five-year age-group from the UNSD Demographic Yearbook, which compiles information from countries' official statistical authorities.
In some cases, the total number of abortions reported by the UNSD matched the total provided by government sources for earlier time periods, and the UNSD was the only source of detail on abortions according to the woman's age; in these cases, data from the UNSD on the number of abortions by woman's age are presented.
On his turn, Professor Paul Cheung, UNSD Director praised statistics issued by the Sultanate as they depend on precise and credible data.
The meeting discussed relations of bilateral cooperation between the Sultanate and the UNSD, matters related to economic indicates and statistics in general and banking and financial indicates in particular.
CBO Executive President said that the meeting also discussed frameworks of cooperation with UNSD on exchanging statistic and banking information between the two sides.
0 (inverse of the mean of log GDP for trading partners divided by log distance) Note: COMTRADE is UNSD Commodity Trade database.