UNSDUnited Nations Statistics Division
UNSDUnion for National Self Determination (est. 1987)
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These can be attributed to the use of different systems of recording trade, to the way in which for example IMF and UNSD have converted data expressed in national currencies into dollars, and revisions which can be more readily incorporated in the IMF data.
To calculate age-specific abortion rates for each country on the basis of reported numbers of abortions, we obtained estimates of the population of women aged 15-44 by five-year age-group from the UNSD Demographic Yearbook, which compiles information from countries' official statistical authorities.
It is the GDP that is favored by UNSD, HCSO, policy makers, the press and the people.
Coluna EMISSAO ACUMULADA DE CARBONO SITUACAO (IPCC SRES A2B2): Nessa coluna, sao expostos valores, por nos estimados por esta pesquisa, de emissoes acumuladas de carbono entre 2006 e 2020 e entre 2006 e 2050, tendo como valor de referencia a emissao de cada pais no ano de 2006 (NEAA, 2007) e UNSD (2007), e os valores estimados pelo IPCC (2000) para os anos de 2020 e 2050, no cenario A2B2, que preve taxas anuais decrescentes no uso de combustiveis fosseis, alta substituicao por fontes energeticas renovaveis e crescimento populacional global.
UNSD (2008) provided the data on imports of each member of the EU-25 to Croatia.
The two sides agreed to recruit the assistance of UNSD experts to train
The Riyadh-based IEF Secretariat was assigned the coordination role in 2005 in close cooperation of six major global energy organizations, the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation), Eurostat, IEA (International Energy Agency), OLADE, OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) and UNSD (United Nations Statistics Division).
El uso que hago aqui de la palabra "industria", recoge la orientacion con la cual la UNSD ha desarrollado esta clasificacion a partir de identificar conjuntos especificos de actividades economicas, entre las cuales es posible reconocer semejanzas significativas en el caracter de los bienes y servicios producidos, los usos de esos bienes y servicios, y/o los tipos de insumos, procesos y tecnologias que las caracterizan (5).
The technical assistance and financial support provided by various international organizations and donors, such as the World Bank, the IMF, European Union, UNSD, UNFPA, and SIDA, have resulted in substantial progress in the development and improvement of the statistical system, and modernization of statistical methodologies in different areas.
A Nomenclatura Comum do Mercosul (NCM) para a classificacao de produtos originou-se a partir das decisoes tomadas em 1986, quando o CCC (Customs Cooperation Council), em conjunto com a UNSD (United Nation Economic Statistics and Classifications Section) e outros orgaos estatisticos nacionais e internacionais, aprovou o Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System ou Harmonized System (HS), uma nomenclatura comum de referencia para atender aos interesses aduaneiros e estatisticos envolvidos no comercio internacional (BORSCHIVER et al.
UNSD (Statistics Division of the United Nations Secretariat).