UNSMUnited Nations Standard Message
UNSMUnited Nations Standard Messages
UNSMUnion of Nova Scotia Municipalities (Canada)
UNSMUniversity of Nebraska State Museum (Lincoln, NE)
UNSMUnited Nations Service Medal
UNSMUnited Slavery National Slavery Museum
UNSMUniversity of Nevada School of Medicine
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It represents all municipalities in British Columbia, but its membership is more heterogeneous than UNSM. Its 194 members come from seven legal types: cities (49), district municipalities (52), towns (14), villages (43), regional districts (27), First Nations (6) and special municipalities (3) (Union of British Columbia Municipalities 2013).
Specimens examined (13).--SINT MAARTEN: Billy Folly Cave, 18[degrees]01'48"N, 63[degrees]05'26"W, 104 m, 12 (7 TTU, 5 UNSM); Romeo's Drive, Middle Region, 18[degrees]02'50"N, 63[degrees]02'35"W, 74 m, 1 (UNSM).
-- One nuchal, UNSM 117936: one right hyoplastron and one left xiphiplastron UNSM 56911.
The holotype, a nuchal bone UNSM 76200 from UNSM Locality Cr 114, Cherry County, Nebraska (Miocene:Late Barstovian, see Holman 1995, Figure 1, 549) should remain the same.
Most of the specimens from Mission Pit are in the collections of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (SDSM), whereas most of those from Ashfall Fossil Beds are in the collections at the University of Nebraska State Museum (UNSM), Lincoln, Nebraska.
UNSM 117938 from the Late Barstovian (ca 13-11.5 million BP) of UNSM Locality Cr 168, Cherry County, Nebraska, represents a single individual and consists of a mainly complete plastron, plus carapacial remnants, and limb and limb girdle elements (Holman 2002, figs.
Paleoheterodon tiheni Holman -- 2 trunk vertebrae (UNSM 96446).
noctivagans housed at the University of Nebraska State Museum, UNSM).
The fossil turtle bones reported here were collected by University of Nebraska State Museum (UNSM) and Michigan State University Museum (MSUVP) field parties from two sites in Knox County, northeastern Nebraska.
Specimens reported in this paper are housed at the following locations: University of Nebraska State Museum, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, (UNSM); Bridgeport High School, Bridgeport, NE (BHS); University of Nebraska at Kearney, (VMKSC); U.S.
A male (UNSM 15390) from the headquarters of the Crescent Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Garden Co., Nebraska, is the first specimen of the species from the western panhandle of the state.