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The Nebraska nuchal, UNSM 56909, has all of these characters including the terminal notch in the upraised peripheral area (Fig.
Devils Nest: One right hypoplastron, one left xiphiplastron, UNSM 56911.
Devils Nest: four posterior peripherals, UNSM 56914.
Santee: one nuchal, one neural, nine coastal fragments, six peripherals, three epiplastra, one left xiphiplastron, four plastral fragments, UNSM 56964, 56965.
Devils Nest: one costal fragment, one entoplastron, two plastral fragments, one osteoderm, UNSM 56908.
Santee: one nuchal, seven costal fragments, six peripherals, three epiplastra, two plastral fragments, UNSM 56965; Devils Nest: one nuchal, three coastal fragments, eight peripherals, one right and one left epiplastron, two entoplastra, one right hyoplastron, 12 plate fragments, UNSM 56909.
The river otter also was believed to have been extirpated from Nebraska, but recent records of the river otter in Nebraska from Cass County in 1964 (Farney and Jones 1978) an d Furnas County in 1977 (Farney and Jones 1978, UNSM 15117) would call this assumption into question.
Eastern Nebraska specimens are housed at UNSM Measurement Pine Ridge specimens Occipital-premaxillary length 14.