UNSNAUnited Nations System of National Account
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Because these lenders required economic indices in the form accepted by the rest of the world, socialist countries first began to employ both the old material-product system and the UNSNA, then finally abandoned the material-product system altogether even before the end of communist rule.
Waring's career as a Member of New Zealand's Parliament, starting when she was just 22 years old and lasting a total of four terms (the first two of which she was the only female MP) was largely responsible for shaping her views on the UNSNA. Waring was particularly concerned by the lack of inclusion of productive activities (such as raising children) which don't happen to be traded through formal markets, but she also questioned the inclusion of marketed (and therefore `productive' in the eyes of the UNSNA) activities whose contributions to social well-being are highly questionable (such as the selling of movie rights to the Exxon Valdez oil spill).
Upon this discovery, Waring embarked on a comprehensive review of the UNSNA during which she observed a huge disparity "between what's in the [accounting] rules and what's seen in the world." Included in the UNSNA is anything that goes through the marketplace and thus has cash-generating capacity.