UNSYUnited Nations Studies at Yale (Connecticut)
UNSYUnited Nations Statistical Yearbook
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"The young lads have come in and done what Unsy wants and that's what helps bring the group together.
The data on hours worked for New Zealand 1957-1971, Switzerland 1954-1973, and the United States 1970-2000 are weekly hours worked in manufacturing from the UNSY. Data for New Zealand 1971-1998 and Switzerland 1973-1991 are from LSTA and are weekly hours in manufacturing.
"But Unsy has done it in the past and he had to confidence to take it."
"I remember when I signed my scholarship as an Under-16, I still have the picture at home of me with Unsy and my parents," said Calvert-Lewin, who played for Unsworth in Everton's Under-23s' title-winning side last season.
Old `Arry seems to have a good thing going at Fratton Park and we'll need to score at least twice to win because Unsy is bound to get a goal.
They will have to put up with me for at least two more years." UNSY - BLUES DUO FULLY COMMITTED: PAGE 45
Until Unsy and Stubbs are replaced we will always struggle to beat the top teams.
"There has been legend after legend at this club and Unsy has every right to join them, as a player and a coach.
Unsy would have been delighted to pass on his mantle in circumstances like that.
The Blades boss chuckled: "Unsy might have been off because he is on nine bookings and he would have missed two games with another.
"And then, the second game, I didn't play badly, but didn't play great, and Unsy dropped me completely out of the team!