UNTUniversity of North Texas
UNTUniversidad Nacional de Tucumán (Argentina)
UNTUnión Nacional de Trabajadores (Spanish: National Union of Workers, Mexico)
UNTUpsala Nya Tidning (Swedish newspaper)
UNTUniversités Numériques Thématiques (French: Thematic Digital Universities)
UNTUntil Next Time
UNTUndergraduate Navigator Training
UNTUnst Shetland Islands, Scotland, United Kingdom (Airport Code)
UNTUnix and NT (Gartner Group Market Definition)
UNTUsinage et Nouvelles Technologies (Morbier, France)
UNTUnited National Test (education)
UNTUnderground Nuclear Test
UNTUn Nuevo Tiempo (Venezuelan political party)
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UNT officials said in a press release that she oversees strategy, execution and operations at the agency.
I have experienced firsthand the transformational power of education, and I will continue to support UNT so that others can have that incredible experience.
The Dean (FES) thanked the UNT on behalf of NUML and hoped that more such fruitful partnerships would follow.
The UNT Division of Jazz Studies plans to publish new editions of Puerling's arrangements through the newly formed publishing entity, North Texas Jazz Press.
Introducing about the program, Registrar (also the Project Director of NUML-UNT Partnership program from NUML's side) Brig (R) Saeed Akhtar Malik told that said group of faculty members was at advanced stage of their MPhil and PhD programs and would conduct their dissertations under the supervision of an American supervisor at UNT.
The University of North Texas System, which includes UNT and the UNT Health Science Center, rose to educational leadership in the North Texas region.
La turbiedad se midio con 2 turbidimetros en linea marca ACCU4 de bajo rango (0 a 100 UNT, precision 0,001 UNT), con uno se midio la turbiedad del agua clarificada y con el otro la del agua filtrada, para lo cual 5 electrovalvulas se programan para controlar el paso del agua de cada filtro hacia el turbidimetro.
During the Symposium we heard 12 premieres (plus a late-night concert of premieres by UNT student composers); 19 University horn choirs performed either on stage (including Horn Pure from Thailand) or in the dorm cafeteria during lunch; and 45 exhibitors from around the world were there.
UNT has five dining halls on campus-three more than most campuses of its size--so having the space to convert one to all vegan wasn't a problem.
We found higher odds of Cryptosporidium infection among older and male children among those not living in Cali, with acute UNT, in children presenting fever, dry oral mucosa, weeping without tears, with a more severe stage of disease, previous hospitalizations, and among those children staying in day-care centers.
UNT buyuk cogunlukla gebelik, puberte, oral kontraseptif kullanimi, alkolik siroz gibi kanda ostrojen artisinin goruldugu durumlarla iliskilidir (2).