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UNTACUnited Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia
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Decentralization had been on the government agenda since the UNTAC era.
After the departure of UNTAC, tourism marketing significantly sustained Cambodia's sex industry and international reputation, with an increase in foreigners visiting the country solely to engage in illicit sex.
When the UN requested the member countries to contribute troops to UNTAC, Pakistan in keeping with its previous record, responded positively and 2nd Battalion, the Azad Kashmir (AK) Regiment was dispatched.
16) Las negociaciones que hubo durante este tiempo incluyen un intento infructuoso de formar una coalicion entre el gobierno de Phnom Penh y el partido Funcinpec de Sihanouk, que involucraba a Naciones Unidas y a los otros signatarios de los Acuerdos de Paris (Trevor Findlay, Cambodia and the Lessons of UNTAC, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1995, pp.
After UNTAC, the Cambodian authorities launched a general review and re-structuring of the health sector, supported by technical and financial help from foreign donors and international organisations.
Admittedly, the Paris Agreements were not ideal, but they formed the framework within which UNTAC had to work.
by UNTAC, was aimed at local NGOs who wished to have their concerns
John Sanderson of Australia to implement the Paris accords, should not be hailed as a major success story as UNTAC failed to disarm or demobilize the country's Khmer Rouge forces.
The Cambodian peace agreement gave UNTAC the power to create an interim coalition government, oversee key government ministries, remove Cambodian officials from office, manage the economy, and install its own media.
15 Such as UNTAC in Cambodia, UNOSOM II in Somalia, UNPROFOR in Bosnia-Herzegovina, UNAMIR II in Rwanda, UNMIH in Haiti, UNMIK in Kosovo, UNTAET in Timor Leste, UNAMSIL in Sierra Leone, UNMEE in Ethiopia and Eritrea, MONUC in Democratic Republic of Congo, MINUCI in Ivory Coast and UNMIL in Liberia.
9) UNTAC provided support for the development of constitutional and legal frameworks.