UNTAESUnited Nations Transitional Administration for Eastern Slavonia, Baranja and Western Sirmium
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Faced with this hazardous task, the UN formed a transitional administration set-up for the region (UNTAES) to supervise and facilitate the demilitarization process between warring factions of Croatia and Serb militia.
So was UNTAES in the early discussions on Eastern Slavonia.
(128) Klein's assistant told Dokmanovic that he would send an UNTAES vehicle to collect Dokmanovic from a bridge over the Danube River.
The UNTAES forces made the arrest with the help and advice of the OTP.
Force Authorized to Secure the Freedom of Movement of UN Personnel: UNPROFOR, UNCRO & UNTAES
The operation that took over from UNCRO, UNTAES, was established under Security Council Resolution 1037.(104) In this resolution the Security Council again stated that it was "determined to ensure the security and freedom of movement of the personnel of the United Nations peace-keeping operation in the Republic of Croatia."(105) As with UNCRO, the peacekeeping operation was established under Chapter VII of the Charter.
(6.) Six operations to date have featured this level of authority: United Nations Transition Assistance Group in Namibia (UNTAG), 1989-1990; United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC), 1992-1993; United Nations Transitional Authority in Eastern Slavonia, Baranja, and Western Sirmium (UNTAES), 1996-1998; United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET), 1999-2002; and the single currently ongoing transitional administration, the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), 1999-Present.
In 1996, in Eastern Slavonia, relying on a nod from both President Milosevic of Serbia and President Tudjman of Croatia, UNTAES successfully exercised its "executive authority" and employed overwhelming coercive force against the paramilitary gangs controlling the Djeletovici oil fields.
UNTAES was neither the first nor the largest UN operation charged with territorial administration, and subsequent operations such as in Kosovo and in East Timor have certainly been more complex.
Since 1995, there have been four such administrations: the United Nations' interim administrations of Eastern Slavonia (UNTAES), Kosovo (UNMIK), and East Timor (UNTAET), and the ad hoc Peace Implementation Council's administration of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
(4.) UNAMA (Afghanistan, 2002-present); UNAVEM III (Angola, 1991-1995); UNAVEM III (Angola, 1995-1997); MONUA (Angola, 1997-1999); MINURCA (Central African Republic, 1998-2000); ONUMUZ (Mozambique, 1992-1994); UNSOM I (Somalia, 1992-1993); UNSOM II (Somalia, 1993-1995); ONUSAL (El Salvador, 1991-1995); MINUGA (Guatemala, 1997); UNTAC (Cambodia, 1992-1993); UNMOT (Tajikistan, 1994-2000); UNTAES (Croatia, 1996-1998); MONUC (Congo, 2000-present); UNAMSIL (Sierra Leone, 1999-present); UNTAET (East Timor, 1999-present); UNMIBH (Bosnia, 1995-present).
(Yugoslavia): $45,333,637; UNTAES + CPSG (Croatia): $10,713,712;